Customer Care

Our concern is primarily for the welfare of the Poultry we care for. Clearly we would like to get on well with our customers, too, so if you arrive and your birds are in fine fettle and looking a little rough around the edges due to moulting, this is not a problem at all and we are very happy to care for them. If you arrive and your birds are in poor shape and there is a possibility of them infecting our other visitors with disease, please do not be offended if we turn you away. If you have booked a place for your birds and we have to turn them away, you will lose the booking fee for your stay, as we will be carrying empty space through no fault or our own. You will get your deposit back straight away. You will see in the disclaimer that we ask you to agree to a louse treatment upon arrival - this is for the health and safety of ALL the birds in our care, yours, ours and our other visitors' birds.

We can provide a WhatsApp message daily, with a photo of the birds and a note to say how they are doing while you are away.


When booking BnB space, we will ask you to complete an Information Form and sign a Disclaimer. This will be sent to you once you have completed your booking.

The Disclaimer can be found here

Privacy & Safety

We keep your details securely online and none of your payment information is held by us.

For food and material supplies, we use IZettle as a payment method, meaning that we keep no debit or credit card details ourselves.


We use Paypal to process payments online. This protects you the customer and us the supplier in case of discrepancy. It also enables you to pay with a variety of credit or debit cards.

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards