Frequently asked questions

Am I able to see the boarding facilities prior to booking?

We can arrange an appointed time for you to come and view the runs and houses. Please call or email for further information.

Do you offer a health check upon arrival of the boarders?

Our priority is the health of all the birds in our care, both our own and our visitors. We will inspect your birds upon arrival, suggest remedies if they appear under par, apply de-lousing and Red Mite treatment and, of course, congratulate you if your birds are in fine condition!

Are the beds and runs cleaned thoroughly between visitors?

We use concrete based runs, with wire fencing, and wooden housing. We use bark chippings for the birds to scratch in and chopped straw bedding. This enables us to easily clean out each house and run after a stay, with the area being power-washed with disinfectant, and the houses having a Red Mite/Louse treatement after every visit. All the used bark and bedding is then added to our manure heap to rot down, the heat generated killing any mites or disease within the waste.

Do you offer any extras?

We can offer wing clipping for a small fee. One wing is clipped to unbalance the bird as it tries to fly. This clipping does not hurt the bird in anyway when done professionally. Wing Clipping is charged at £1 per bird.

Do our birds have access to grass during their stay?

No. We keep the birds within a caged environment for their own safety. They have sunlight and plenty of scratching about, whilst being safe from predators. We live in the country and during the Spring, we have a lot of fox and badger activity, we have vermin chasing the food supplies and we have Corvids (the Crow family) and other birds of prey that will steal eggs and small poultry, so we feel that keeping visiting birds in enclosed runs is the safeest environment for them.

What happens to the eggs our birds lay while they are staying with you?

We find that the change of scene often affects the laying of eggs, reducing it significantly. If any are laid during the time with us, we deem them as ours, unless previously agreed otherwise.

Our birds don't like change - will they be fed the same as they normally have?

We do not have the capacity to keep multiple varieties of food on site or the staff numbers to feed different flocks different foods. We feed all our birds with Badminton Layers Pellets and Badminton Mixed Corn. These two create a balanced and mild diet for your birds and should not upset them in any way. We would only feed them veg scraps having agreed this with you prior to their stay.